The Pillars of Prophecy is a spiritual organization in the aid and devotion to spiritual conditioning and application in psychic development and the occult sciences.  We are based on the observance and practical use of cosmic force, a ubiquitous and metaphysical power.

We at the Pillars of Prophecy believe the Divine cosmic energy (macrocosm/microcosm) to be the underlying, fundamental nature of the universe. We find our roots in philosophies similar to those presented in a pantheistic study. It is a religion in and of itself. The art of being.

The Pillars of Prophecy practice is an inspiration and a way of life for many people throughout the world who take on the mantle of Magi. We apply the principles, ideals, philosophies, and teachings of ancient Hermetic & Enochian in a practical manner within their lives.

Being a Magi is not based in fiction, but we accept myth as a sometimes more practical means of conveying philosophies applicable to real life. Simplicity is key in the greater work.