We are a Spiritual Temple & School dedicated in the aid and devotion to Spiritual Conditioning and Application in the Ancient Esoteric Mysteries, and Metaphysical Sciences. 

The Ultimate goal of the Pillars of Prophecy is to Guide Individuals in becoming a living embodiment of spiritual knowledge and empowerment. We Work by Employing spiritual techniques which strengthen the “Will” and give control over the mind, allowing the practitioner to bring about personal changes as well as changes for other. Fulfilling the prophecy that every Man, Woman, & Child will live as divine beings in the flesh. Working in the Enochian Tradition for we draw upon many traditions and historical influences including Enochian, Solomonic, & Egyptian magic, Greek philosophy, the Mystery religions, Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, Alchemy, the Qabalah, and Hermetic literature.

By Learning the Techniques to travel on the Astral Plane in our “Body of Light” we will encounter the principles the create and sustain existence: the Angelic rulers who inhabit the four Watchtowers and thirty Aethyrs of the subtle regions of the universe. From these powerful Spirits, we learn to manifest our purpose in life and to tread the path from the physical world of mortality to the spiritual world of immortality.

Learning how to channel our spiritual energy to look deep within ourselves. Our Practice and belief is for the understanding and undertaking the great work of recognizing and conversing with our inner divinity, also know as accessing our Holy Guarding Angel. When we understand our true nature and capacity as a spiritual being through knowledge of our own divinity, all things are possible.

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