Lessons in the Spiritual & Metaphysical Sciences:

Beginners Classes:
Psychic Phenomenon
The Astral Senses
Telepathy vs Clairvoyance
Telepathy Explained
Scientific Telepathy
Mind Reading and Beyond
Clairvoyant Psychometry
Clairvoyant Crystal-Gazing
Clairvoyant Reverie
Simple Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance of Distant Scenes
Clairvoyant of the Past
Clairvoyance of the Future
Second-Sight, Prevision,Etc.
Astral Body Traveling
Strange Astral Phenomenon
Psychic Influence: It’s laws and Principles
Personal Psychic Influence over Others
Psychic Influence at a Distance
Laws of Psychic Attraction
Psychic and Magnetic Healing

Tools to decipher your true value of being (priceless) Mind, Body & Spirit. To find the hidden code. Real message. Introductions to your awaking..

Intermediate & Advance Classes Soon to Follow.

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