The Structure of the Magical Universe 

This document is written for anyone who believes that life is more than what can be seen with the eyes, heard with the ears, smelled with the nose or touched with the hands. You do not have to be a physicist to read it. Physics and its laws, as currently understood by modem science, are discussed from the layman’s viewpoint You do not have to be a magician either, although it is written for practicing magicians. Anyone with curiosity in the science and art of Magick should find the information contained herein both interesting and useful. Magick and its laws, as understood by Enochian Magick, are carefully explained, summarized, and expounded upon, beginning with the fundamentals and proceeding to the heart of the teachings. One of the purposes of our Teachings is to underscore the striking similarity that exists between the description of our universe presented by modem physics and that taught by traditional Magick, especially by our Enochian school of mystery However, our primary purpose in documenting it is to expand the description of the Magical Universe given out in the Schuelers previous works: Enochian Magic, A Practical Manual, and An Advanced Guide to Enochian Magick. Both available through our Collegium Adeptus. 

What is the Magical Universe? According to Enochian Magick, all existence is an outpouring, or self-manifestation, of Spirit. Divinity expresses itself directly as Spirit. Spirit, in turn, expresses itself as mind. Monadic Spirits in the form of countless consciousness centers, enters into time, space, and fonn to create the universe. Our physical world of matter is the lowest of these quantum-like expressions. The inner essence of you and I is just such a consciousness center’ or monad. We are cosmic travelers. We travel a long evolutionary pathway in space, time, and form. A single lifetime on Earth is a brief visit, a short adventure along an endless road that begins in eternity and ends in infinite 

Someday, we will regain our spiritual heritage, but until then, the Milky Way Galaxy is our temporary “home” in the fathomless universe. The planet Earth is a part of our Magical Universe, which includes other worlds on other planes of being. These planes, called the Cosmic Planes of Manifestation, are invisible to our physical senses. Nevertheless, we can, and do, periodically visit them both in dreams during life, and between incarnations. Each world on each plane is teeming with life. We occasionally interact with the beings of these other worlds. Because of this, it is important that we learn, and understand, the structure of the Magical Universe. Knowledge of the Magical Universe can be useful in explaining many otherwise inexplicable experiences. One type of such experience, for example, is an encounter with a non-human intelligent being. 

The book Extra-Terrestrials Among Us by George C. Andrews, contains startling evidence in favor of extra-terrestrial beings. He writes: 

“There has been considerable debate as to whether UFOs are extra-terrestrial, or ultra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional. However, one possibility does not necessarily rule out the others, and they may all be true”

Further on he writes: 

“Modern astronomers agree that nine-tenths of the universe seems to be missing. When we look through a telescope at our galaxy, the Milky Way, or at a distant galaxy, we are seeing only one-tenth of the stars or mass. The atoms that make up the other stars and planets are moving at such high speeds that they are invisible to our Eyes the missing nine-tenths of the universe is now thought to be composed of neutrinos and neutrino-like particles.’ 

He then goes on to state that: 

“…approximately 90% of the human cerebral cortex is unassigned. We use only about one-tenth of our potential intelligence. If we were able to use our full brain capacity, would the invisible nine-tenths of the universe become visible to us?” 

A thought-provoking question indeed. According to Enochian Physics, the missing 90% of the physical universe is an expression of the missing (invisible) 90% of the Cosmic Planes of Manifestation which comprise the Magical Universe. This vast region includes the four Watchtowers, the thirty Aethyrs, and the Tablet of Union of Enochian Magick. Enochian Physics, which reveals the technical aspects of the laws of Enochian Magick, structures this region in a way that “makes sense” to the human mind. It can therefore provide the much-needed rationale for seemingly irrational experiences. It can provide a sane baseline for otherwise insane activities and/or observations. In Enochian terms, it can provide signposts by which comparisons can be made to determine if unusual experiences or encounters are real or imaginary. 

Why is such a book needed at this time? The answer to this question Uses in a curious warning made by H.P. Blavatsly, the founder of the modern Theosophical movement. In 1891, she wrote a letter to the fifth annual convention of the American Section of the Theosophical Society. She stated that: 

“Psychism, with all its allurements, and all its dangers, is necessarily developing you, and you must beware lest the Psychic out” runs the Manasic and Spiritual development. Psychic capacities held perfectly under control, checked and directed by the Manasic principle, are valuable aids in development But these capacities running riot, controlling instead of controlled, using instead of being used, lead the Student into the most dangerous delusions and the certainty of moral destruction.

The leading occultist of modem days thus warns us (and especially Americans) that man is evolving into an era of runaway psychism. Psychic abllities must be controlled by the Manasic principle, which is to say by the mind. Psychism is the primary danger awaiting the unwary in the lower Watchtowers and Aethyrs. Uncontrolled psychic phenomena are the bane of true Magick and virtually always lead to grief. They are often caused through failure to control one’s thoughts. On the other hand, control implies knowledge and understanding. Controlled psychism is only possible when consciousness controls thoughts and emotions as well as the body. The magician uses his magical sword to symbolize the cutting ability of the rational mind. The sword, in some form, is frequently required for success in Enochian Magical operations in the Watchtowers and Aethyrs. This fact suggests the necessity of a rational structure for these psychic regions. Without such structured knowledge, control can easily be lost and the magician will be subservient instead of in command. 

The habitants of the Watchtower’s and Aethyrs are both angelic and demonic in nature, varying much as humans do on Earth. The successful magician will know how to handle both types. In our Enochian Magic, A Practical Manual and An Advanced Guide to Enochian Magick detail procedures for invocations and evocations of a broad range of non-human intelligences. However, they lack the essential structural information needed to guarantee a successful operation. It is my hope that the Pillars of Prophecy will satisfy this need by providing the missing background information. It is not necessary to know how an internal combustion engine works in order to drive a car, but it helps, especially if the car breaks down at a crucial point along your trip and could be easily fixed with a little knowledge. Enochian Physics details the structure of the Magical Universe, as taught by Enochian Magick.